Data Science

Statistics, Machine learning, Databases

Software engineering

C/C++, Java, COBOL, VB, LiveCode, Agile, Git, co-design, prototyping, requirements gathering


Experimental design, computational methods, qualitative/quantitative analysis, visualisations, health informatatics, UX/HCI, eye-tracking

App development

Hybrid (Cordova, Ionic), Native (Objective-C, Java)

Web development

Front end (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Bootstrap), Back end (Python Flask, Django)


Nursing science, ECG interpretation, interoperability, cardiac angiography, author of 2 medical textbooks


Best research poster (2015) - Manchester University. Inaugural Healthcare Awards best student adult branch (2007) - Birmingham City University.


DART-Ed co-design of capability framework for AI & Digital Healthcare

Academic partner to HEE involved in the co-design and construction of a capability framework around AI & Digital Healthcare.

PGCert Clinical Data Science

Programme director. Involved in co-design of a educational programme to train the healthcare workforce in data science

Topol Programme for Digital Fellowships in Healthcare Machine Learning workshop

Delivery of a Macine Learning workshop with hands on practice via Jupyter notebooks.

Development of a core competency framework for Clinical Informatics

Delivery of a core competency framework for clinical informaticians.

Genetic Mobile App (working title)

Development of a Genetic Counselling App to raise genetic literacy in South-Asian communities

Healthy Lifestyles App

A co-designed app to promote healthy living for women aged 18-35 with a higher risk of breast cancer.

Developing Medical Apps and mHealth Interventions: A guide for Researchers, Physicians and Informaticians

A book detailing the process of creating and developing and evaluating medical apps and mHealth applications.

Leveraging Data Visualisation to Enhance Lay Peoples Perception of Non-trivial Patterns in Electrocardiograms

Contributor to a project aimed at evaluating the use of data visualisation techniques for improving lay people perception of life-threatening patterns in ECG like a prolonged QT-interval and abnormal ST-T morphology in an intuitive manner.

Perception-Based Decision Support for Medical Image Analysis (PerMIA)

A project to examine the combination of data streams (EEG and eye-tracking) to examine expertise in radiology.

Smart cities demonstrator

Co-designed a prototype mobile app with COPD patients to collect self-reported effect of symptoms with experience sampling.

Biomarker visualisation for clinical trial decision making

Carrying out research into the use of biomarker visualisation in clninical trials for decision making tasks.


The Gaze Modelling for Time Series Medical Data (GazeMod) ECG project is a project aimed at presenting computational models of visual cognition that are derived from eye-tracking data. The data is recorded from medical experts viewing and interpreting electrocardiograms (ECGs).